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Why is Brett Favre in the Pro Bowl? I am guessing John Madden stuffed the ballot box (in more ways than one). It’s really just ridiculous that this guy gets in based solely on his name and every announcer riding his you know what.

Lets look at stats: 

323 482 67.0 3239 6.72 56 21 4.4 19 3.9 30.0 213 84.0

That means, 67% 3239 yards and 21 TDs to 19 INTs… pro bowl caliber? 84 passer rating? Team on the verge of losing out on a playoff spot to a team who was 1-15 last year and is led by their former QB? Really? 

That brings me to my next point, Chad Pennington. I had my doubts about this guy from all the negative media publicity he had received in New York (call it the opposite of the Favre effect). However, I am a beleiver. The man cannot throw the ball with any kind of velocity. No doubt about that. But guess what, velocity might only be necessary in a game with 30 mph wind gusts. Luckily, Miami has not run into any of those and these are Chad’s stats:


299 446 67.0 3453 7.74 80 17 3.8 7 1.6 23.0 114 96.4


That means, 67%, 3453 yards and 17 TDs to 7 INTs… with the 2nd highest passer rating at 96.4. Not to mention he is leading a bunch of nobodys (Devone Bess, Greg Camarillo) on a team that went 1-15 the year prior. Now that is a Pro Bowl line. He has thrown for 200 more yards, and 12 less INTs… sure Favre has 4 more TDs but that is a horrible TD to INT ratio. Pennington throws over 2 TDs per INT… Favre is almost 1:1. 

RIDICULOUS… I am a Fins fan and dislike the Jets but this makes me dislike them even more. I can’t wait for Pennington to walk off that field Sunday victorious as the JETS fans weep uncontrollably when they realize the irony of the situation (if they even know what irony means). 





  1. December 23, 2008 at 8:26 PM

    The Pro Bowl is nothing more than a popularity contest. It ranges up there somewhere in its significance right beside the Miss Universe or Miss USA pageant in terms of its importance and celebrity status. Is it any wonder that the likes of Tara Reid and Paris Hilton would think that it’d have something to do with a girl’s night out ?
    As for Favre he’s just proving what everyone already knew his best years are behind him and not ahead of him !

    Hence the reason why the Jets basically spent the $12m for him in terms of salary this year. What now happens once the season is over ? Is it more of the same as Brett goes home to try work out his feelings as to whether he wants to come back ?
    Much like a daytime soap opera these are the Days of Brett Favre’s life and then some !

    tophatal ……….

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